group holding hands at a process addiction treatment program in FloridaThe difference between process addictions and other kinds of addictive behaviors is that process addictions involve dependence upon an action or process rather than on a physical substance like a drug or alcohol. Process addictions — which are sometimes also referred to as “behavioral addictions” — are conditions in which you often engage in the same activity over and over again, knowing it will result in negative outcomes, but doing it anyway. This type of addiction often accompanies certain kinds of mental health issues as well as substance use problems. When you are facing these challenges, we encourage you to reach out to GIA Miami for immediate help. We offer a comprehensive process addiction treatment program that can provide you with the support you need.

If you or someone you care about is struggling with mental wellness issues or a substance use disorder, reach out to the compassionate, expert team at GIA Miami using our secure online form, or call us at 833.713.0828.

What Are Process Addictions?

At GIA’s process addiction treatment program in Florida, our patients can utilize a wide range of treatment modalities for many different types of addictions. Some examples of these addictions include:

  • Gambling addiction
  • Sex addiction
  • Shopping addiction
  • Video game addiction
  • Eating addiction
  • Internet-related addiction

There are many reasons individuals can succumb to these types of addictions. What’s essential for you to know is that you do not have to live with them. At GIA Miami, we understand that addiction is a disease that affects the chemistry of the brain. It is not, as conventional wisdom would have it, a weakness of will or an indication of immorality. You can break free from these addictions and live a healthy life, and GIA is here to give you the tools to do that.

What Can a Process Addiction Treatment Program Do for You?

If you have a process addiction, you may initially think all you have to do to heal is to stop engaging in that activity. That’s not often possible, and it is never easy. Our team can help you by providing you with a comprehensive treatment plan designed to address what’s happening to you.

One of the key goals we have is to understand why they are happening. While you may think that your addiction is related just to the enjoyment the activity can bring to you, there is much more going on below the surface. For example, many people with process addiction have undiagnosed or untreated trauma in their past. At GIA Miami, our goal is to help you work through those concerns to help you find the relief you need.

Exploring the Full Scope of Your Needs

In addition, many people who enroll in our process addiction treatment program also need to combat their substance abuse or mental health issues. You may be using drugs or alcohol as a way to manage the anxiety or depression you feel. You may also be struggling with a mental health disorder that is causing you to engage in these activities.

We Can Help with a Complete Treatment Plan

Within our process addiction treatment program in Florida, we offer a wide range of evidence-based and holistic therapies designed to encourage healing. You may benefit from:

In our luxury facility, you will get the support you need. Friendly, dedicated professionals are by your side through your treatment. You’ll learn, heal, and grow over a short amount of time. You will also be working to reclaim your life and your future.

Find the Support Right for You at GIA Miami

If you are struggling with a process addiction, mental health issues, or a substance use problem, GIA Miami can help. We encourage you to contact us at 833.713.0828 to learn more about your treatment options.