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What is GIA?

GIA is the premiere, outpatient mental health, and addiction program in Miami. It is globally recognized for its cutting-edge technology and treatment approaches. Our comprehensive, unrushed approach allows our internationally renowned team of doctors and scientists to design a personalized treatment plan which will allow you to achieve optimal mental and physical wellbeing.

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World renowned neurologist, pioneer on TMS research to treat addiction, and Founder and Executive Chairman at GIA Miami, Dr. Bonci leads the GIA medical team to achieve the highest standards in mental health and addiction treatments.

"At GIA , we understand the road has been rocky, but there is always a way to make things better. You have the power to change, to conquer, to succeed, and we have the means and the people to help you."

Dr. Antonello Bonci,

Founder and Executive Chairman at GIA Miami.

Health Insurances

GIA is an out of network facility accepting most major insurance carriers. Financing options available.

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GIA-Miami Staff

GIA is truly tailored for top executives. Luxurious facilities, personalized treatments, flexible schedule, scientific based therapies, cutting edge technology and the most important thing for me: an amazing group of professionals that really guided me to enhance my mental performance.

- H.M.
GIA-Miami Staff

Everyone at GIA is helpful and nice. I have never felt better after a treatment, and my anxiety levels have been considerably reduced. After my experience at GIA, I believe miracles can happen. Can’t recommend GIA Miami enough! You owe it to yourself to go there and improve your mental health.

- D.S.
GIA-Miami Staff

GIA Miami has made me feel like I am part of a family. Thanks to them, I have learned how to face my life in a different way. GIA is extremely professional and patient oriented.

- S.P.

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