When choosing a mental wellness and addiction therapy program, there are many factors to keep in mind. Among them are the tools and resources designed to provide you with a way to heal. That includes treating both your mental well-being and the physical effects of your condition as well. Our integrative medicine and wellness approach at GIA Miami is the foundation for your success in this way.

What Is Integrative Medicine and Wellness?

woman smiling outside after receiving integrative medicine and wellness servicesWhen a person struggles with mental health issues or addiction, they are battling several factors. Among these are physical concerns. For example, if your body is dependent on the drugs you are using to function as it usually should, this is as much a physiological problem as it is a psychological one. That is because of the changes to your brain chemistry that happen as a result of your addiction. The drugs work to change the way your brain communicates. When there are no drugs present, the brain cannot function normally, causing physical symptoms such as pain and nausea.

The same is true of a broad range of mental health concerns, including anxiety, depression, and PTSD, among others. The physical symptoms of such conditions are well documented, and they also put the individual suffering at a far higher risk of developing comorbidities like a substance use problem.

Medical professionals too often focus on one of the other of these aspects. Frankly, even highly trained healthcare professionals usually focus on the symptoms that they can see and which have demonstrated evidence-based treatment protocols. This approach can ignore the spiritual, emotional, and psychological components of such conditions. The way to treat these kinds of issues is to use integrative medicine and wellness. It is a comprehensive approach to healing and improving well-being that does not focus on just one of your physical symptoms or emotional concerns. It incorporates full-body improvement. At GIA Miami, our mental wellness and addiction therapy team specializes in just such an approach.

What Happens in Integrative Medicine and Wellness Treatment?

When you receive this type of treatment, you will work closely with a team of professionals to address your health needs. We may recommend integrative medicine and wellness. This may include the following types of therapies, all of which are evidence-based:

From there, our integrative medicine and wellness team goes further. We may recommend the use of a variety of holistic therapies. This may include things like art or yoga therapy. For some people, experiential treatment is effective. That means going out and doing things that can help you to open up and feel more comfortable. You also need to think about the use of nutritional therapy to help your body to heal.

Finding the Right Plan for You

Our team always works with you to understand what’s happening to you. Our integrative medicine and wellness services in Florida can focus on the underlying factors causing your addiction, such as:

  • Environmental factors
  • Past trauma
  • Depression
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Anxiety

Our goal is to create a plan to address what is happening to you and why it is happening. We know that by healing your whole body, it is possible to provide you with significant improvement in your health. Our team at GIA Miami is here to guide you every step of the way through comprehensive care.

Explore the Treatment Options at GIA Miami

The integrative medicine and wellness program at GIA Miami is designed to give you the tools you need you to heal completely. There is no easy cure for addiction or many mental wellness issues, but this treatment plan empowers you by working to heal your body, mind, and spirit. Our team is here to guide you. To learn more about the treatment options available to you, contact GIA Miami today at 833.713.0828.