When you go through recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, it’s an individual process. However, for clients with families, healing has to include those who love them. At GIA Miami, we offer couples therapy to help you examine how to move forward in the relationship following addiction or mental health conditions. Take a look back at the effects drugs and alcohol have had on the relationship and move forward together, supporting one another in sober, drug-free living. Whether you come to us for addiction treatment or mental health treatment, we provide comprehensive therapy to help you overcome these challenges. To learn about how couples therapy can assist you in creating mental wellness, contact GIA Miami today at 833.713.0828.

What Is Couples Therapy?

Couples often need help to overcome the impacts of drug and alcohol addiction. By the time you come for treatment, disappointment, dishonesty, and resentment have clouded your commitment to one another. Relationship counseling can begin the healing process. Through this treatment, you can work through the negativity and acknowledge the impact the disease has had on your family life. Seeking professional guidance like those available at GIA Miami assists you in working through your problems. In turn, this improves your chances of lifelong recovery.

Couples Therapy Complements Mental Wellness Treatment

partners going through a couples therapy program in FloridaIn our mental wellness recovery program, your individualized treatment plan includes psychotherapeutic interventions to modify the way you react to negative thoughts and feelings. At GIA Miami, our therapists use a number of approaches, including the following:

During couples therapy, you can address the isolation of addiction and how to come together again as a team.

Couples in recovery have much to discuss. The healing process demands time, commitment, honesty, and patience. From intimacy to relapse prevention, the journey ahead requires a rebuilding period where you can learn to trust one another again.

What if Both Partners Have Addictions?

Whether one or both partners have drug use disorders, both partners benefit from meeting with a counselor together. Addiction leaves a swathe of destruction that can resurface when emotions run high. Non-addicted partners learn to not to enable addictive behaviors. If both partners have gone through recovery, they can help one another to avoid falling back into old habits.

You should be very proud that you stuck with one another through a challenging period. If you made it this far, you have a great chance of overcoming the remaining obstacles. Couples therapy at GIA Miami can help.

Benefits of Involving Your Partner in Recovery

People have a way of avoiding difficult topics, the proverbial white elephant in the room. However, those unexpressed thoughts and feelings have a way of bubbling over when one of you becomes upset. During couples therapy, there are multiple benefits for both the partner going through recovery and their significant other.

Besides drug addiction and alcoholism, many other challenges lie ahead. To combat them, it’s essential to work through issues from the past and give the relationship a fresh start. An experienced therapist can guide the sessions, giving each person time to share their thoughts and feelings. Rather than creating a rift, this can bring couples together again.

How Effective is Relationship Therapy?

Couples addiction recovery therapy lets you work on a crucial part of your life. Without addressing issues in your relationship, you may have a hard time maintaining your sobriety or resisting drug cravings. For longstanding or new relationships, couple therapy reduces the negativity of addiction and emphasizes positivity and hope.

Use the neutral venue to talk about what’s going on in the relationship. This is one of the most critical dynamics in your life, and couples therapy can heal your relationship from the inside out.

Seek Couples Therapy With GIA Miami

GIA Miami can conduct couples therapy through our telehealth services or in person at our treatment center. We want to help you through our treatment programs. Contact us at 833.713.0828 today for more information on our mental wellness treatment programs in Miami.