man in need of sexual addiction therapyFor those struggling with sexual addiction, a sexual addiction therapy program can provide the assistance that they need to regain health and wellness. At GIA Miami, we use a combination of psychotherapy and holistic treatments to help you break this addiction and resist cravings. Let us give you the tools to redefine life without a dependency on sex. Sexual addiction can distract you from other important things in your life and cause financial and mental issues that are difficult to overcome. Our team of addiction and mental wellness specialists has decades of experience treating mental health disorders, and we can help you build a life that is productive and happy.

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Your Sexual Addiction Therapy Options

In our sexual addiction therapy program, clients work with licensed, trusted professionals with a deep knowledge of the science behind addiction. We also understand the human side of sexual addictions.

At GIA, we customize your treatment plan to address your triggers and to give you the skills you need to avoid situations that make you more vulnerable. Wherever you come to us from in your recovery journey, we have a unique array of treatment options, so we can find one that will best meet your needs.

Treatment Programs for Sexual Addiction

Let us help you improve both your mental wellness and physical health so you can feel good when you make plans for the future. Some of the treatment options at our center in Florida include the following:

  • Group therapy allows clients to work through communication skills and find a network of others in recovery who can share their goals and experiences
  • Individual therapy includes traditional approaches such as dialectical behavioral therapy that concentrates on processing your thoughts in healthier ways
  • Family therapy rebuilds your relationship with loved ones and helps your family understand how addiction works
  • Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) therapy involves the application of magnetic impulses to treat addiction centers in the brain
  • Holistic approaches to sexual addiction treat your mind, body, and spirit

Get the best treatment that you can find at GIA Miami. Our sexual addiction therapy program centers on the patient, and you help choose your path to recovery. This is the most effective way to achieve lasting results and avoid relapse. We offer many options, and our staff can help you explore which opportunities will support your recovery. We have treated many clients for sexual addictions, but your treatment plan in Florida will be designed with you in mind.

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At GIA Miami, we offer some of the most advanced scientific modalities of any treatment center in Florida. However, it’s the people that make the difference. You’ll find caring staff members truly invested in your success. Not only do we encourage you to live in the moment with intention, we fully focus on you in both group and individual therapy programs.

With decades of combined experience, our psychotherapists and other addiction specialists provide the best care available and help you discover the path to a life free of sexual addiction. We know that you can overcome your addiction because we have helped many others live life free of dependency on sexual gratification. Learn to focus on your own mental and physical wellness.

Sexual addiction does not have to be a part of your life. Our sexual addiction therapy program helps you break free and live the life of your dreams. Learn to develop meaningful relationships with others while depending on yourself for mental and physical well-being. Contact GIA Miami at 833.713.0828 to find out more about our addiction treatment programs in Miami FL.