man meeting with group for the stress management program in floridaAt GIA Miami, we know that mental health issues and substance use disorders are as complex and multifaceted as the people who struggle with them. Our therapeutic approach is rooted in the idea that individuals struggling with these conditions do not exist within a vacuum. That is, everyone who seeks mental wellness and addiction therapy must cope with various degrees of stress in their lives. That stress may be attributed to common everyday occurrences such as traffic, the demands of a workplace, management of time and multiple commitments, and much more. Stress may also be attributed to more infrequent, yet incredibly impactful events, such as the loss of a loved one, marriage or divorce, having a child, losing or gaining a job, etc. What makes treating mental wellness and addiction so complicated is the fact that these stressors present differently in every patient. GIA offers many different types of high-quality addiction and mental health therapy that teach patients not only to better recognize the role of various stressors and their impact on mental health and physical well-being but also how to proactively mitigate and reduce stress.

In addition to the stressors that most people tend to encounter in life, those struggling with mental health issues or battling addiction experience stressors that require unique attention. There are numerous ways in which substance use, for example, has a reciprocal relationship with stress. On the one hand, stress may trigger cravings or urges to use a substance in an effort to feel better. On the other hand, the negative consequences of substance use tend to create stress in the form of decreased sleep, poor or irregular eating habits, relationship conflict, and reduced functioning in social and professional environments. The emotions that frequently accompany substance use (guilt, shame, depression, anxiety, etc.) also have the potential to increase stress. The same can be said, broadly speaking, for mental health issues like depression, anxiety, PTSD, and borderline personality disorder, which are affected by their own set of stressors. At GIA Miami, we understand how vital a stress management program is to individuals who are taking their first steps towards mental and physical wellness.

We have designed our stress management program in FL with the intention of helping you manage the difficulties that come with taking control of your mental health or substance use issues.

Why a Stress Management Program?

Both addiction and mental health concerns involve a broad range of stressors, from the physical to the social and emotional. If you are unsure if a stress management program is right for you, you can start by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Have you had difficulty managing close relationships due to stress?
  • Are you experiencing stress that is associated with finding or keeping your job?
  • Has navigating existing relationships or exploring new ones resulted in anxiety?
  • Have you struggled to manage the demands of going to school?
  • Has the stress associated with managing your health become overwhelming?
  • Do you have difficulty identifying self-care activities or have trouble finding the time for pleasant activities in your day to day life?
  • Does stress negatively impact your ability to fall asleep or stay asleep?
  • Does stress influence your eating habits in a way you’re uncomfortable with?

This list of questions is not exhaustive, however, research indicates that stressors such as these can have negative long-term physical and psychological effects. So, if you can answer “yes” to any of the above questions, a stress management program may be an essential component of your treatment plan. The experienced team of healthcare specialists at GIA Miami is here to help by customizing a plan to fit your individual needs.

What Can I Expect in a Stress Management Program?

At GIA, we always design each patient’s mental wellness and addiction therapy program with their unique circumstances in mind. This will also be true of your personalized stress management plan. Despite the specific stressors that vary from person to person, there are certain universals that every person struggling with mental wellness or addiction should take into consideration. Among these are:

  • Regular exercise, which not only reduces stress but also improves mood and overall psychological and physical health.
  • A healthy diet, which has also been linked to improved mental and physical health.
  • Remembering that there is no easy cure when it comes to mental health issues or addiction; the healing process takes time, and setbacks are often part of the process.
  • Asking for help; our stress management program will provide you with a strong network of therapists, doctors, and peers to support you when you need it most.
  • These are only a few of the approaches we utilize and promote in our stress management program in FL. These stress management strategies and others like them allow us to reduce the stressors that accompany mental health issues and addiction so that you can more effectively work toward your personal goals.

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