two therapists discussing psychological assessment at their facility Of the tens of thousands of Americans struggling with mental health issues and addiction, very few receive the comprehensive help they need. There are many reasons that this is so often the case. While many individuals have some awareness that they are having difficulty with such issues, they may not feel that they can afford help, they may not be ready to pursue treatment, or perhaps they just don’t know where to start. Others are in a more precarious position: they may not fully understand all of the ways and the extent to which their mental health or substance use problem has created an impact on their relationships, health, and functioning across settings. In these cases, undergoing a psychological assessment is critical to building insight and establishing a course for treatment. By determining whether or not there are problematic consequences of poor mental health in one’s life, as well as the nature and degree of those consequences, patients can begin to understand their mental and physical health needs better. This is where GIA’s psychological assessment comes in. If you are worried that you or someone you care about has a problem, GIA Miami is here to help.

Psychological Assessment at GIA Miami

In order to understand GIA’s psychological assessment, it is essential to understand what constitutes a meaningful diagnostic profile. At GIA, our mental wellness specialists take into account all of the observable behavioral characteristics that define a patient’s personality. These behavioral characteristics, which depend on our biology, genes, and the environment, are what makes each one of us unique. And clinicians at GIA Miami are particularly interested in creating a diagnostic profile that takes these factors into account for each patient because doing so can significantly contribute to guiding our long-term treatment strategy for individuals struggling with mental health and addiction issues.

In this way, the GIA Miami team can provide the client with accurate psychiatric diagnoses utilizing the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders-Fifth Edition, which assists in formulating individualized therapy programs.

Why a Psychological Assessment Matters for Our Patients

When we think of treating mental health issues, we tend to think of interventions that occur only after an individual has had a complete breakdown. Likewise, when we think of addiction therapy, we tend to think of interventions that occur when an individual’s substance use has gotten out of control. And this is with good reason. Not only do stories that center on mental wellness and addiction often focus on this part of the healing process, but these types of interventions are common and extremely important.

At GIA, we’re exploring every evidence-based method of preventing, assessing, and diagnosing substance use disorders and mental issues. One of the most important of these diagnostic tools is our psychological assessment. These kinds of psychological assessments are just as important as direct interventions in the sense that they allow us to further personalize our treatment strategy and target specific aspects of an individual’s behavior that leads to both mental issues and addictive behavior. By having a comprehensive understanding of each patient’s diagnostic profile, we can gain a much better understanding of the trajectory of their mental health, and in this way, design therapy programs that are more likely to result in long-term mental and physical well-being.

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If you or someone you care about is struggling with mental wellness issues or addiction, the world-renowned medical team at GIA is here to give you the highest quality therapeutic approaches available, from medical detox to cognitive-behavioral therapy, telehealth, and educational outreach. Our diagnostic team is always working to bring scientific influence to your mental and physical wellness and to help design solutions customized to your individual needs. To learn more, reach out to GIA Miami online today, or call 833.713.0828.