man in army in need of a ptsd therapy program in FL Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a condition that affects many people throughout the world. According to the National Institute of Mental Health,* approximately four percent of U.S. adults reported suffering from PTSD last year. Unfortunately, given the stigma that surrounds this condition and others like it, few of the millions of people suffering will get the help they need. Additionally, many of them will try to manage it on their own with drugs, alcohol, and other addictive behaviors. Our team at GIA Miami offers PTSD therapy that is comprehensive, innovative, and designed to provide the best possible outcome.

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What Is PTSD?

Understanding the value of any PTSD therapy program means addressing what causes this condition. First of all, it is essential to understand that PTSD is a type of mental health disorder. When a person experiences certain kinds of intense events, it can impact the way the brain records the memory of that event. In situations in which a person fears for his or her life or for that of a loved one, for instance, their brain has trouble processing it.

This type of trauma can occur for many reasons:

  • The death of a loved one
  • Witnessing or experiencing domestic violence
  • Sexual abuse
  • Emotional abuse
  • Wartime experiences

This list is far from comprehensive. However, in all of these situations, an individual may feel unable to process what is happening and may equally be unable to revisit the memory of that experience afterward. The brain buries that memory deeply. Yet, from time-to-time, that memory resurfaces. A trigger – such as hearing a sound or smelling or seeing something associated with the traumatic event – can bring back memories of that event. It is this triggering that defines PTSD. In PTSD therapy, then, the goal is to break that connection to stop you from having to relive what happened.

What Can You Expect in PTSD Therapy?

The goal of PTSD therapy is never to make you relive what happened. Instead, it is to help you break free from the impact those memories have on your life and actions. At GIA Miami, your therapy is always tailored to your individual circumstance. Generally speaking, however, it will include a range of treatment options designed to address what is occurring. This may consist of evidence-based treatments such as:

During your treatment, you will work closely with your counselor to talk about your condition. In some cases, patients do not remember the specific event that has caused their condition. In others, patients know exactly what happened but haven’t dealt with it. Both instances are common when the traumatic event occurs during childhood. Fortunately, patients who embrace this type of therapy are likely to find significant improvement and a higher quality of life.

Addiction and PTSD

Many individuals seeking PTSD therapy in FL are also battling an addiction to drugs and alcohol. This is common because drugs can often be a tool a person uses to treat the symptoms of PTSD temporarily. Substance use can help to hide what is occurring. Tragically, this behavior all too often leads to a dangerous spiral of drug or alcohol abuse and a worsening mental condition. The expert clinical team at GIA Miami can help you manage your addiction and provide you with comprehensive treatment for PTSD.

Seeking Treatment for Your Pain at GIA Miami

Patients struggling with PTSD can feel hopeless. It is important to remember that PTSD, like many other diseases, involves a significant change in your brain chemistry and your life. With proper care, this condition can be treated and reversed. GIA Miami’s PTSD therapy program offers comprehensive support and therapy to help you heal. To learn more, call 833.713.0828 today.



*National Institute of Mental Health