man beginning a nicotine addiction therapy program in FLDo you have an addiction to nicotine? Because of the ways that nicotine products are portrayed in our culture — and because they are so widely available — many people may think using these products is safe. They are not. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 40 million American adults smoke cigarettes. Additionally, although young people are smoking cigarettes with less frequency then only a decade ago, many more are vaping nicotine products or using e-cigarettes. Many people will recognize there are risks to using nicotine, but they may not be sure how to stop using it. Our nicotine addiction therapy at GIA Miami is designed to provide you with a way to stop.

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Why You Should Aggressively Work to Stop Using Nicotine

There is no form of nicotine that is safe to use. These products are designed to create addictions. That means they alter the way your brain chemistry works, leading to the need to continue to use these drugs over an extended period. The CDC also reports that half of a million people in the U.S. die prematurely because of smoking or exposure to it.* You may develop lung disease. You may develop complications from nicotine related to cognitive function.

Sadly, many Americans outside of the medical profession still think that addiction is something that can be overcome by sheer willpower, and does not require professional help. This myth has discouraged millions of people from getting the help they need. Addiction is a disease. The good news, however, is that with the support of the addiction specialists at GIA Miami, you can take your life back from nicotine addiction.

What Happens in a Nicotine Addiction Therapy Program?

When you enroll in our nicotine addiction therapy program in FL, you gain significant support for your addiction. At the heart of the process, we want to help you understand why you use nicotine. You may have started because you were peer pressured into it. Perhaps you use nicotine for other reasons, such as to help you to battle feelings of anxiety or depression. Some individuals use it because they have experienced trauma, and nicotine seems to offer a break from those thoughts. Whatever the case, once you start is extremely difficult to stop.

During nicotine addiction therapy, we provide you with a wide range of tools to help you to do just that. This includes services such as:

All of these treatment approaches are also available remotely as a part of our extensive telehealth program, as well.

The goal is not to just handle the use of nicotine, but also to address the reason behind it so that you can successfully move on. Every person’s needs and goals are very different. That is why it is critical to work with an organization like GIA Miami that offers innovative solutions customized to meet your needs. We have designed our nicotine addiction therapy program in FL to provide you with outstanding resources to help you stop using for good.

Holistic and Evidence-Based Care

When you enroll in our nicotine addiction therapy program, you get exceptional care and attention to your needs. We do this in several ways. It starts by helping you to break the habit of using nicotine. This may involve using medication to help you handle cravings. From there, we use a series of tools to ensure that you understand your addiction so that you can better combat it. These include cognitive-behavioral therapy, TMS therapy, and holistic treatment approaches. It is a combination of all of these that will help you to start feeling empowered and healthy again.

Secure the Care That Is Right for You at GIA Miami

In our innovative nicotine addiction therapy program, we provide our patients with comprehensive support, and we can do the same for you. At GIA Miami, you have a wide range of solutions available to help. Contact us at 833.713.0828 to learn more about how we can help you.



*Centers for Disease Control and Prevention