young woman in need of Codependency TherapyReaping the benefits of a committed relationship can be a beautiful thing, but it can also take work. Difficult times will test the strength of the bond. Substance abuse magnifies hard times and can compound existing problems. One approach to treating these problems is through codependency therapy. 

Codependency occurs when someone in a relationship builds their life around helping the other person. This kind of relationship can impact substance abuse as the codependent partner often enables substance abuse and addiction. At GIA Miami, we offer codependency therapy for those who are ready to build healthier relationships with loved ones.

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What Is Codependency Therapy?

Alcohol and substance abuse can weaken the foundation of a healthy relationship. Treatment options usually focus on the person who struggles with addiction. Less support is available for a spouse, children, or other people who love the person. 

One person within a family unit addicted to drugs or alcohol does not leave others untouched. Everyone is impacted. Family members, children, close friends, and coworkers feel the far-reaching consequences. This is especially true when the addiction has continued for a long time. 

Direct emotional, financial, and relational costs from substance abuse or addiction problem may include: 

  • Emotional distance 
  • Alienation 
  • Poor work performance or job loss 
  • Eviction or foreclosure 
  • Losing custody of children 

Sometimes, people within the relationship are offended or embarrassed by the thought of needing counseling. While some manage to weather the storm, lingering issues could make them lose any gains. Fortunately, some addiction services include a variety of family and couples’ treatment options. Codependency therapy, a type of family therapy, is shown to be an effective way to help with addiction and any relationship problems. 

Codependency Therapy Uncovers Addiction Enabling Patterns 

The person using a controlled substance is driving the addiction, but a problem within the relationship may also exist. Without knowing, the non-addicted partner might enable their loved one’s addiction. 

Enabling behavior patterns, such as covering up, lending money, and cleaning up messes, allows the addiction to continue. Their intent might be to help their partner, but it could make matters worse. 

Therapy for problems within the relationship could pave the way to complete recovery. It can also improve the relationship and help a partner see their helpful intent in a different light. 

Both partners become aware of enabling behaviors during counseling sessions. They learn ways to break the patterns. 

Codependency Therapy Helps Repair and Resolve Problems 

Repairing and resolving a damaged relationship is probably the most significant help from counseling. Some couples may have a hard time admitting problems exist and will try to deal with addiction alone. 

An individual with an addiction may focus on coping behaviors that reinforce their addiction. At the same time, others in the relationship focus on the addiction causing problems, feeling isolated and unsupported. 

Working through problems during relationship therapy provides a chance for complete healing. This may involve confronting patterns of lies and secrecy. A spouse might need to heal from infidelity or domestic violence. 

Rebuild Relationships at GIA Miami

A person struggling with addiction can have difficulty maintaining a healthy and peaceful family life. Living with the ongoing presence of substance or alcohol dependence creates many physical, psychological, and social conditions. Domestic life can become chaotic and even dangerous. 

The need to satisfy an addiction wreaks havoc on finances when money for household expenses support the habit. At GIA Miami, we provide adults and adolescents with personalized programs to treat substance abuse and mental illness. 

We offer a nonjudgmental and welcoming environment with supportive codependency counseling services. Our codependency therapy program follows several premises to help clients and their families. Intimate life partners can have a strong influence on their loved one’s behavior. Knowing how to support abstinence and good decision-making can help during the recovery process. 

Discord and conflict in relationships during the recovery process may increase the chances of relapse. Therapy targeting relationship problems can help reduce the possibility of this happening. 

Addiction should not rule your life or close relationships. Contact GIA Miami today at 833.713.0828 and receive compassionate care to turn your life around.