group holding hands during an alcohol addiction therapy program in flAlcohol addiction is a very real, life-changing condition that requires professional help. Because alcohol is so widely available and socially accepted, we tend to forget — or never to realize — how damaging it can be, both to society at large and to the individuals whose relationships, finances, and health are negatively affected. Alcohol use disorder impacted a minimum of 14.4 million people over the age of 18 in 2018 according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, and that number is only growing each year.* Each year, 88,000 people die from alcohol-related causes. You don’t have to be a statistic. Our team at GIA Miami can help you to get the help you need in our alcohol addiction therapy program.

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What Can an Alcohol Addiction Therapy Program Do for You?

If you’re struggling with alcohol addiction, it’s possible — with professional help — to reclaim your life and improve your health. In our alcohol addiction therapy program, we are focused on providing you with a safe way to detox and recover. Within our program, you’ll learn about your disease and how to manage it effectively. While the dependency can be broken, learning how to deal with alcohol addiction and your symptoms is critical. We’ll empower you to make the right decisions.

Could You Benefit from Alcohol Addiction Treatment?

When it comes to enrolling in an alcohol addiction therapy program, a critical first step is to realize that things can improve and that there is hope for you. It can be difficult, however, to know when your recreational alcohol use has crossed the line into addiction. The following are signs that you may need to get help with an alcohol use problem:

  • You drink every day, or you binge drink most weekends
  • You use alcohol as a way to deal with stress, emotions, or relationships
  • You’ve pulled away from the people you love or have failed to meet your family, social, or work responsibilities because of alcohol
  • You’re drinking more to get the relief you need
  • You have struggled with adverse health outcomes that have resulted from your drinking
  • It’s hard to imagine not drinking
  • You say you can stop, but you know you cannot stop

If you are facing the symptoms of alcohol abuse, recognize that there is help available to you. The team of addiction experts at GIA Miami can provide that to you by guiding you, supporting you, and empowering you to find the change you so need and deserve. Our alcohol addiction therapy program can help you, no matter what your goals are or what your history with alcohol.

How Can You Get Started?

Our alcohol addiction therapy program is designed to make it easy for you to get the help you need. When you call us, you’ll be given a full alcohol assessment to determine what your unique health needs are. We’ll then create a personalized treatment plan to address those needs. Our comfortable, luxury facility just minutes from the beach in Miami, FL, offers the home-like atmosphere you need. You’ll then work hand-in-hand with professionals dedicated to supporting your recovery.

When you enroll in our alcohol addiction therapy program in Florida, you gain the opportunity to heal. You also gain the insight you need to live a healthy lifestyle that is positive and rewarding. The team at GIA is here to support you through your treatment and beyond.

Take the First Step – Call GIA Miami Now

Our alcohol addiction therapy program can help give you the tools and resources to make a change in your quality of life. If you are ready to learn about your options and embrace a higher quality of care, contact GIA Miami to learn more about what we offer. Explore the luxury care and supportive medical experts by calling 833.713.0828 today.



*National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism