Mental health and addiction issues can isolate you from those you love. It can also take a heavy toll on relationships and marriage. You may not realize while you are living with drug or alcohol abuse how deeply it impacts those who love you. As a result, it can be challenging to pick up the pieces once you do get treatment. Sometimes, couples decide to go their separate ways. At GIA Miami, our divorce recovery therapy helps you transition to single life.

Our telehealth therapy services allow many couples and individuals to receive therapy from the comfort of home.

Benefits of Divorce Recovery Therapy

couple going through divorce recovery therapy in FloridaTherapy teaches you coping skills that you may need in your new life. Attending therapy for divorce can give you a healthier outlook on the situation. Clients feel empowered after attending divorce recovery therapy. Also, you have the opportunity to share your thoughts and feelings, which can help you feel less alone.

When a marriage comes to an end, both partners can feel trauma and loss. Getting a divorce puts demands on your mental, physical, and financial well-being. Individual divorce therapy gives you a chance to express your fear, anxiety, depression, and grief.

When you work with a therapist, they help you develop reasonable goals. You can learn vital skills that help you work through your emotions productively. Additionally, seeing a therapist can give you self-confidence in your ability to avoid relapse when substance use is involved.

Types of Divorce Recovery Therapy

Individual, couples, and family therapy can all benefit those going through or recovering from a divorce.

  • Individual therapy – Divorce is one of the most stressful things an individual can experience. So, it’s understandable that it can affect your mental health. Depression, anxiety, and other conditions may emerge following your divorce. Individual therapy allows you to concentrate on developing tools to process your thoughts and feelings positively.
  • Couples therapy – If both partners wish to find closure, they may pursue couples therapy to facilitate an amicable divorce. A divorce therapist sets guidelines and addresses pertinent issues. Further, divorce recovery therapy gives couples in need an opportunity to work out living arrangements, parenting, and financial matters.
  • Family therapy – Going through a divorce poses many challenges for clients and their families. If children are involved, they most likely need their own therapy to process the changes in their lives. Children feel fear, confusion, pain, and abandonment when their parents separate. Family therapy provides a neutral setting for parents and children to discuss the impacts of divorce. Your children may feel responsible for the breakup and wonder if both parents still love them.

Do You Need Help?

With the help of divorce recovery therapy, Florida residence learn to embrace their future. Although your marriage may end, you still have a whole life ahead of you. You can separate from your ex without the negative emotions that normally weigh people down during a painful split.

Going through a divorce is even more complicated when one or more members of a couple of battling addiction. Additionally, you may have co-occurring mental disorders such as anxiety and depression along with substance use disorder. In these cases, dual diagnosis treatment, along with divorce recovery therapy, can address your mental and emotional issues to give you a better chance of avoiding triggers and achieving genuine recovery.

From group therapy to holistic approaches, the mental wellness and addiction specialists at GIA can design a personalized plan just for you.

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