Addiction can take over a person’s life in a short time, creating numerous obstacles and challenges along the way. As this happens, you may feel overwhelmed, scared, and unsure of what you need to do to heal. Our addiction treatment programs are designed to provide you with the care and support you need to heal. At GIA Miami, we offer a range of treatment options to address your specific needs.

If you or someone you care about is battling a substance use problem and would like to learn more about our comprehensive suite of mental wellness and addiction treatment programs, contact us online today or call us at 833.713.0828 to get the help you deserve.

What Type of Addiction Treatment Programs Do You Need?

group discussing available addiction treatment programsAt GIA Miami, we understand that each patient is different. Each substance requires a different approach, addictions can be more or less severe, and each individual’s relationship with a substance is unique. This is why at GIA, we pride ourselves on tailoring each of our addiction treatment programs to the individual needs of each patient.

We offer addiction treatment programs for most types of drug and alcohol addiction. Among these are:

If you are using any of these — or any other substances — it is crucial that you not try to stop using on your own, “cold turkey.” Attempts at self-detoxification fail more often than they succeed, and too often result in relapse and injury. Instead, you should reach out to our team of expert clinicians for help. Each of our programs is patient-centered and designed to provide a comprehensive level of treatment. There are many types of therapies that make up our addiction treatment services in Florida. Our team will work closely with you to ensure you get the level of care that best suits your needs.

Comprehensive Psychological Evaluation Services

The first step in receiving care is to go through a complete psychological evaluation. This process allows our team to talk to you about what you are experiencing and helps us develop a path forward with your participation and partnership. We want to understand the challenges you face daily. This includes what substances you are using, how often, and how much. It also involves taking your history with the substance into account, as well as your medical history.

It also means understanding any mental health disorders you may have as a result of your addiction. That may include things like depression and anxiety. Some of our clients have mental health disorders that become so complex to manage that they start using drugs or alcohol to compensate. The clinical team at GIA Miami will talk to you about all of these risks as we move forward with your treatment.

Finding the Care You Need to Move Forward

At our luxury treatment facility in Miami, we consider each of our patients a partner. This means that we encourage you to talk to us, to discuss your specific needs and concerns, and to explore all that we offer. That includes:

  • The full spectrum of outpatient drug treatment options
  • Individual and group therapy programs
  • A balance of evidence-based and holistic treatment programs

We provide personalized treatment plans. That means we encourage you to embrace a variety of therapies to help you to heal and recover. We also want to ensure both your substance use disorder and underlying mental health disorders are treated properly when you receive care from us, and so we have specialists on hand to treat both simultaneously.

At GIA Miami, our commitment to you is to always provide you with the comprehensive support you need. Our addiction treatment programs also use the most advanced and innovative strategies to help you to move beyond your addiction or mental health disorder to fully embrace your future.

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