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GIA Miami is a premier mental wellness and addiction therapy program offering a broad range of outpatient treatment modalities for mental health issues, addiction, and co-occurring disorders. The experienced medical staff at GIA are among the world’s leading experts on both mental wellness and substance abuse and have spent years on the front lines of treating both. 

At GIA, we aim to provide patients from all walks of life and social strata with the tools they need to free themselves from their condition and reclaim their lives. Our broad range of clinical and therapeutic approaches allows us to guide our patients through every step of the healing process. And we make a point of constructing individual treatment plans for each of our patients based on their unique needs. At GIA, we inspire and empower individuals battling mental health and addiction issues, one patient at a time. 

If you or someone you care about has been struggling with addiction issues or having mental health problems, now is the time to contact GIA Miami online or by calling us at 833.713.0828. Our expert team of specialists is waiting to take your call.