friends holding hands as they learn about the GIA Miami mission GIA Miami Mission

The GIA Miami Mission is threefold:

  • To apply scientific advancements to optimize therapeutic approaches for mental health issues and addictions.
  • To compassionately bring these therapeutic approaches to the public.
  • To enhance and promote life-long wellness.

GIA Miami Philosophy

GIA Miami was founded on two major principles:

  • Knowledge gained by modern science can inform/improve therapeutic intervention for mental health issues and addiction and guide wellness practices.
  • This knowledge is most effective when applied with compassion and respect through individualized therapy programs.

GIA Miami Approaches to Mental Wellness and Addiction Therapy

We employ a unique battery/assortment of scientifically validated biological and psychological diagnostics to better understand each individual’s health circumstance and needs and then use outcomes/data from these tests to design/customize therapy programs and wellness programs to optimize health outcomes. In line with the GIA Miami mission, these programs are implemented in partnership with the client. This approach requires that the client be an active participant in the treatment and wellness programs. We empower the client with the skills to take charge of their mental and physical health, using education programs that are based on modern science and tailored to the particular needs of the client.

Who are We?

We are multicultural, multilingual, and from a diversity of sexual preference, age, racial, religious, and social/economic backgrounds, but all highly credentialed in mental wellness and addiction science and clinical service.

Learn More About the GIA Miami Mission Today

The compassionate team of world-renowned mental health and addiction experts at GIA Miami puts these missions and core values into action every day as we help individuals take their lives back. If you or someone you care about is struggling with mental health issues or addiction, don’t hesitate. The sooner you reach out to GIA Miami online or call 833.713.0828, the sooner you can begin your journey to wellness. Let us give you the tools you need for long-term mental and physical well-being.