The GIA Miami Facility

Designed to be a world-class addiction therapy and mental wellness center, GIA Miami is opening its doors in June 2020. GIA’s mission is to rapidly bring modern science to addiction and mental health treatment in a welcoming and non-judgmental environment. At GIA, our knowledgeable, compassionate medical staff led by internationally renowned scientists and educators provides bold, innovative therapy to each of our patients.

The GIA Miami facility, located in the heart of Miami, has been meticulously planned to make it a place of stress-reduction, learning, and wellness. In our 45,000 sqft space, we have state-of-the-art classrooms, a library, a cafeteria providing health-conscious food and drinks, private patient suites, quiet treatment rooms, and soon, yoga, massage, and acupuncture facilities. GIA Miami is conveniently located on Biscayne Boulevard, only minutes away from popular Miami, FL neighborhoods, including the Museum District, South Beach, Brickell, the Fashion District, and Coral Gables. The facility is conveniently accessible by public transportation and has a parking garage. Our capable staff will help patients and their families (or loved ones or significant others) to arrange discounts for overnight stays at the Hilton Miami Downtown, located in the same building as well as other hotels nearby.

To learn more, reach out to GIA Miami today at 833.713.0828.

GIA’s Amenities

At GIA, our amenities have been designed to work in tandem with our treatment modalities to give each of our patients the best chance of achieving their treatment goals. In this way, our team can construct programs that cater to each individual’s needs while ensuring they feel as comfortable and focused as possible. Among our addiction and mental health therapy center’s amenities, you will find:

Our Support Staff

The aim of each of our mental health and addiction therapy center’s amenities is to allow you to focus on healing and to remove yourself temporarily from the daily stressors and triggers that have contributed to your mental health or addiction issues. This is especially important early on. To this end, we have a full concierge service that will ensure that you are able to walk right into our facility without dealing with the hassle of parking.

Nutrition Experts and Personal Trainers

It is no secret that your physical health is an integral component of your well-being. There is a direct correlation between your physical health and your rehabilitation. Whether your issues strictly involve mental health or involve both your mental health and addiction, researchers have demonstrated that both nutrition and exercise speed along the healing process. Additionally, establishing a healthy routine is critical to avoiding problems later in the healing process. To this end, another of GIA Miami’s amenities is our team of personal trainers and nutritionists, who are ready to help you with that part of your journey.

Learn More About GIA Miami’s Facility and Amenities Today

As valuable and unique as GIA Miami’s facility and amenities are, they are decidedly not the heart of our program. The heart of our program lies in our compassionate, well-trained staff, our expert medical team, and our vast catalog of treatment modalities, which we always tailor to our patients’ individual needs. These include, but are not limited to:

The comfort, convenience, and focus afforded to you by GIA Miami’s facility and amenities will help to enhance your mental and physical wellness and put you on the path toward achieving your goals. Learn more about our mental wellness and addiction therapy programs by reaching out to us online, or by calling us at 833.713.0828. The road to a new life starts here.